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ONE is not a free cryptocurrency. This is a long-term project whose success depends on the joint contributions of the participating members. ONE is designed to help everyone, for anyone in the community so that everyone gets more economic value rather than giving the values ​to banks and the governments. Finance and technology and other intermediaries. ONE NETWORK depends on the mutual contributions of its members. If you are looking for ways to make money and get rich fast, then ONE is not for you.

ONE is a new and used cryptocurrency by anyone in any country around the globe. You can mine (earn ONE) now from your phone or computer. ONE cryptocurrency is a new form of digital money maintained and secured by a community, rather than by a government or a bank. Currently, you can mine (or earn) ONE by helping to secure the coin and by developing a Trust Network within the ONE network. While most cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum ...) are difficult for the average person to access and use on a daily basis, ONE turns the power of cryptocurrencies into the community's decision, ONE aims to Easy to reach like in the palm of your hand.

ONE is not a scam. This is a really big effort by a group of many experts and doctors working in almost all economic sectors in society. We have the same interest in the community. ONE was created to give people more access to cryptocurrencies. We cannot guarantee that the Project will be successful. However, we want to contribute our best, will work the hardest, most focused and unshakable for the goal of bringing ONE easily into the community, making ONE coin a means of communication. The main accounts in the VIKIONE Supernetwork Ecosystem are present in most of the areas of life that VIKIONE has built for decades, to make our shared dreams come true while maintaining the highest standards of transparency. Using the community as the highest voting power, not dominated by an organization, bank or country.

This app allows you to earn ONE by making a simple donation to the ONE community. The more you contribute, the more ONE you earn. To earn ONE, take attendance every 24 hours by pressing the ONE Network's Logo Globe button (spinning ball) to start ONE mining. When you're mining, you can speed up your mining by inviting trusted friends and family to join the community. After 3 mining sessions, you can increase your mining speed even more by building your Security Circle, which also contributes to the general security of ONE network. Note that members who come first in the network have a higher mining rate than those who come later.

You don't need to keep the app open to mine. ONE does not affect the performance of your phone, does not consume additional power from your phone or computer, and consumes ONE or uses your network data. After pressing the Globe button, you can even close the app and ONE continues to be mined. So how can you mine a cryptocurrency without spending ONE, without your energy or data? Instead of using energy as POW (proof-of-work) like cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ONE secures its ledger through members ensuring each other is trustworthy. This creates a network of nested Security Circles that define who can execute the transaction. This new method allows ONE network members to mine cryptocurrency on phones and computers by leveraging existing social connections among members' reputable groups, at no cost. financial, cost-free and environment-friendly. Read the technical section of our Whitepaper for a more accurate and detailed explanation.

Pre-participants are able to mine at a higher rate to reward their contributions to ONE Network when the early-stage Network needs them most. ONE's goal is to become the most widely distributed and used cryptocurrency in the world. In order to achieve that goal, ONE encourages its earliest participants to contribute to the success of the Project (e.g., ONE Network security and development). In response to the importance of these early contributions, ONE mining speed will gradually decrease as more people join the Network. At this point, the basic mining speed will halve each time the number of active users increases by 10 times (see chart below). This rate will eventually drop to 0 when the Network reaches a certain number of users (e.g. 100 million or 1 billion). At that point, like Bitcoin, miners would continue to be rewarded with ONE through transaction fees, not through new mining.

To ensure the price stability of ONE coin and prevent any common negative fluctuations among cryptocurrencies, the supply cuts (otherwise known as 'halving' in the world of money (electronic) is required to maintain the supply and demand chain of ONE coin. By reducing the supply of ONE tokens, ONE Network can maintain the scarcity of ONE tokens to ensure the value held by our ONE Network users - including you. Take Bitcoin as an example. Halving is a common event, happening about every four years for the biggest and most valuable cryptocurrencies in the world, and the price of Bitcoin actually goes up with every halving. In simpler words, cutting the ONE coin supply for each major user milestone will protect the price of ONE coin while preventing price inflation. While you may feel uncomfortable noticing that the gains in your coins are not as fast as they once were, this is an extremely important measure to create and grow the value of ONE coin by decreasing one half increase.

No, your username (ie referral code) cannot be changed as it is your unique identifier registered with ONE Network.

No, unfortunately ONE Network cannot let you change the person who invited you to join ONE Network as ONE Network will have to respect and comply with ONE Network's referral system regulations.

No, Once you have chosen to use a phone number as the registration method, you can only sign in to your ONE account by verifying that phone number.

To foster value growth and ensure secure transactions between network participants, the ONE Network community should only include real people with verified identities. ONE Network relies on existing participants to bring only trusted people you know in real life to ONE Network. This is why new participants can only join ONE Network through referral codes sent from existing participants. Additionally, ONE Network encourages participants to continually verify the trustworthiness of the referrer by offering additional mining levels (note that this feature for Verifiers will only be open during periods). next paragraph). By adopting these measures, we strive to make ONE Network secure from both a technical perspective and interpersonal interactions.

As an Ambassador, you get up to 25% more basic mining speed for each person you refer to the ONE Network. The members you refer are users of your Invitation Code when they sign up for ONE Network. You become an Ambassador when these members join your Monetization Team that will increase you 25% of their income as they are mining. A new member can only be added to their invitee Monetization Group, because each member only joins ONE once using an Invitation Code. In other words, unlike Security Circles where people can be added to various Circles based on trust, Monetization Groups will be fixed based on who invited whom. Each world invite can only be invited to a group by the person who introduced them.

Becoming a Affiliate allows you to earn ONE more by building a Security Circle of 3-6 trusted members. ONE's Affiliate role will be unlocked once you complete 3 mining sessions (24 hours each) as a Pioneer. After 3 sessions, you will see a new Security Circle icon on the home screen of the application that you can press to start. To become a Affiliate, you need to add 3-6 people you trust to your Privacy Circle.

The Security Circle is a group of 3-6 trustworthy people built by each ONE member. The ONE Security Circle built a global trust chart to prevent bad actors from making fraudulent transactions. While cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin secure their ledgers by requiring mining members to burn energy (proof of work), ONE secures its ledgers by members proving to each other. is reliable. ONE Affiliate secures each other by building security groups of 3-6 members they consider to be trustworthy. The Security Circle should include people you trust to avoid fraudulent transactions. The Security Circles within the ONE Network form a global trust chart for determining who can be trusted to perform transactions on the ONE ledger.

Currently, ONE is worth approximately 0, the equivalent of Bitcoin in the early years of its inception. ONE's value will be proven over time, recognition, and exchange of goods and services provided by members of the ONE Network. By concentrating our recognition, goods and services around one common currency, ONE member will receive more economic value, which is inherently deflated by banks. technology and other intermediaries take up.

No, you cannot withdraw ONE at this time. You will be able to withdraw ONE or exchange ONE for other currencies during Phase 3 of the Project when ONE moves to a fully decentralized Blockchain. And ONE is used as a means of liquidity in the ecosystem that ONE Network is aiming for. During phase 1, your balance is being recorded with an assurance that will be withheld when ONE moves to the Main Network (Stage 3). ONE transfers are restricted until we use the Main Network to prevent accumulation of ONE from fake accounts. For example, a bad person can mine ONE from fake accounts, switch ONE to the primary account and then verify the primary account to legally use these ONE tokens. The network is still agreeing on a specific development plan for the project. For more details, please refer to the Roadmap section in the Whitepaper.

ONE holders will be able to exchange ONE for real money when they purchase goods and services on the VIKIONE Ecosystem where ONE is the primary currency for liquidity or exchange ONE for fiat currency on products. for which ONE is listed. Crypto holders ONE has two options for converting their money into real money (1) Withdrawal: Buy directly goods and services in ONE on VIKIONE Ecosystem. (2) Or exchange their ONE for currency (e.g. dollars, euros, etc.) on cryptocurrency exchanges. 1) Directly purchase goods and services with your ONE. Network ONE is building a peer-to-peer marketplace where members will be able to directly use ONE to purchase goods and services. We aim to initiate this test with ONE's in-app billing in Q4 2021. 2) Exchange ONE for another currency on crypto exchanges. The development team did not control ONE when trading on cryptocurrency exchanges (such as Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, etc.) when deciding to put ONE on the exchange. However, ONE will be able to be traded during Phase 3 of the Project (Main Network). At that time, Exchanges may choose to list ONE. Currently, ONE's Main Team is focusing on unifying the technical roadmap (see White Paper) of Phase 3.

No, you cannot mine on multiple devices with your same name. The network has a strict rule of thumb, one account per person. ONE uses an omnidirectional strategy to ensure ONE is not exploited by fake accounts. First, the Network uses Google Recaptcha v3 to know whether the device is being used by humans or machines. This technology is completely invisible to most users, as they are real people, but the bots will encounter Captcha if Google algorithm catches them. Later, we also developed a machine learning algorithm based on actual user usage behavior to predict bots. Second, the ONE consensus algorithm requires a Secure Circle to make it easy to spot fake accounts. Fake accounts won't have enough real people to verify through Security Circle. Usually, fake accounts authenticate themselves, and very little validation comes from the rest of the Network. This anomaly is easy to spot with computer algorithms. Finally, when ONE enters Stage 3 and finally - Main Network, only accounts that are verified as belonging to truly different individuals will be accepted. In other words, even if all other methods are bypassed, this user authentication process will continue to remove them as the bot owner will not be able to prove the bot is real by its real name. We are currently working on decentralized Identity Verification procedures to minimize system intrusions with minimal fake accounts.

Yes, your phone and computer will act as a Crypto Wallet associated with your existing accounts (phone number / Facebook). Like any other public Blockchain, Blockchain ONE will also allow the app's internal / external wallets to hold and transact ONE by sending the transaction directly in by sending the transaction directly to the Blockchain. This is the function that we have planned to launch during Phase 3 of the Project. (another reminder that we are currently in Phase 1 (Odyssey phase) - currency distribution - then we will launch the Test network at Stage 2 and Stage 3 when the Main Network is live. dynamic). During Phase 3 of the Project you will have the option of getting full ownership of your Private / Public Keys. ONE aims to be more accessible to ordinary people, that's why we are trying to build this integrated interface. We choose to deploy in such phases to make it easier for everyone to use. We are still very new, and very excited for the road ahead.

Vikione's KYC system has been around for a long time and has been widely used for six communities throughout the network for various purposes (for example, to certify share ownership, to verify individuals and organizations. is an online advertising distribution agency of Vikione...). Currently, KYC has been gradually integrated and applied to the ONE Network community. However, the mass implementation will be announced specifically in the near future.

Vikione assigns a third party to undertake KYC implementation. Our KYC system is encrypted two-way to ensure the privacy of users in the community, fully meeting the strict requirements of Apple and Google application platform providers.

You need to have a minimum of 100 members to become a MOD (they are enthusiastic support members who are responsible for ensuring that other members adhere to the general principles of the ONE Network community).

As a MOD you get 6% increase in mining speed.

As a MOD, you have the opportunity to become a Super X MOD member, they are the future key personnel of the entire ONE Netwok network.

You often find members who always support, answer and guide the Telegram community here. They come from many countries (USA, China, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Arab...).

They are the MOD.!.