How to install and Mining

The One Coin Mining Network is a new type of digital currency that anyone can easily and simply subscribe to.

One Coin is a new form of digital currency.

The way to participate in the original network is really simple and easy.
Just remember the invitation code below and proceed in order.

1. Install the application

Search One Network in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to start mining One Coin.

The ONE network app will be available for buying and selling goods, remittances and currency exchange, and using living services from the network in addition to trading ONE mining with clear and mining one-coin directly.

2. How to mine one coin

1. Choose how to sign up.

Search and install One Network in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

After installation, run the application and click Containe with phone number to proceed with the subscription.

2. Enter the details

Enter your cell phone number.

If possible, enter the first and last names as the same as the passport’s notation.

A username is a name that is shown to others.
It’s a code that allows others to recommend you.

Enter the password.
At least one case and one special character must be included.

Enter the invitation code you received in the invitation code.

3. I log in and mine every day

Access it every day and click the glove button in the center of the app to start mining.