Super Communication Network

One Coin and One Network were developed to build an independent economic ecosystem by applying the BOT&AI algorithm as a new digital currency.

ONE Coin and what is ONE Network?

Many cryptocurrency projects start with pure theory, develop currency in large quantities, and bring it to the community to use without an ecosystem to protect the creation of coins.

ONE Network Vision

The BOT&AI algorithm is applied as a new digital currency to establish an independent economic ecosystem.

ONE Network Philosophy

The original network pursues a balance between theory and people-centered design algorithms based on a specific field of economy.

ONE Network Now

The ecosystem implemented by VIKIONE decades ago is looking for the best way to apply One Coin to the ecosystem.

VIKIONE, the parent company, is looking for the best way to apply One Coin to VIKIONE’s ecosystem through the ecosystem implemented decades ago. This is a guarantee that One Coin can develop sustainably and bring tremendous value to the community.

ONE Super App

One Network plans to leap into a super app in the future.

In the ONE network app, it is clear when ONE mining ends. In addition to directly trading mined One Coin, it will also be available for buying and selling goods, remittances, currency exchange, and using living services from the network.

Find out the One Coin and One Network that can be used directly in the ecosystem implemented by VIKIONE right now.

ONE Network Community

The ONE community is spreading around the world about two months after its launch, and 5.3 million members are active in various countries.

ONE Network has been known on Yotube with
a community from 60 nations.

ONE Network appeared on Russian newspaper, American newspaper, Chinese newspaper, French newspaper, European newspaper, Israeli newspaper, Japanese newspaper, Vietnamese newspaper.

On the Internet, hundreds of thousands of hits and searches about ONE Network are recorded. ONE Network’s group chat is also active every day.

Hundreds of communities on Facebook and Twitter promote and share about ONE Network.




ONE Network, Start right now!